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We Utilize CAD Software to Help Develop Your Workspace Layout Design.

At Cubes Office Services we understand that it is important to complete tasks right the first time. To help our customers eliminate costly changes, we develop computer-aided drafts of workspace layouts designed to your specifications. This allows us to develop an effiecient plan for our team, and give accurate timelines of completion. 


We want to make sure your experience with Cubes Office Services is beyond exceptional from the very beginning. We set a standard for the approval process of every design we create for your company or organization, and ensure that no ADA or OSHA violations are present in our designs. 

We Have Experience in Installing Office Furniture in Versatile Layouts

Cubes Office Services has installed furniture in many types of workspace layouts. Over the years we have been a part of different workspace changes ranging from traditional to purely abstract concepts. We want to help create the best workspace layout for your business or organization. 



Low Partition



Abstract Visual Art

"It was a pleasure working with Cubes. They made it easy for me to focus on other major tasks in setting up my office. "

- Janis W.

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