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Optimize Your Workspace Using Furniture Reconfiguration Support.

If you are experiencing growth in your company or focused on increasing productivity, your commercial-grade furniture and workspace requirements may need to change. Cubes Office Services can help provide the support you need in disassembling, moving, and installing current and new furniture.

We pride ourselves on our ability to inform customers of potential conflicts and limitations of desired workspace layouts based on the space you have available. Problems can arise from potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). We expertly advise of any potential risks and seek out possible solutions.

Workplace Layout Changes Done The Right Way.

Whether you need more space or a new workplace arrangement, our expert Project Managers can help advise on what is needed to achieve your company’s workspace goals. You will be assigned a Project Manager to assess your location and give you feedback on any additional services you may need in order to make sure your changes are completed efficiently and on time. At Cubes Office Services, we streamline our process to ensure there are as few delays as possible in completing your project.  

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We Provide Support For Your Reconfiguration Needs.

Project Management

Tech Installations (i.e. TV Screens, Projectors)

Workstation Disconnect & Reconnect

Data Center Relocation

Hardware Move & Reconnection

Disposal & Liquidation

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