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  • With a highly breathable mesh back that's as tailored as most good shirts and a weight-sensing no-adjust recline, the Diffrient Smart Chair from Humanscale and legendary designer Niels Diffrient is a wonderful example of how technology can be utilized to make life simpler for people.


    What's To Like:

    • Self-Adjusting Recline
      The finely counter-balanced recline mechanism takes your height and weight into consideration and provides the right amount of support through the entire range of motion - one major reason this chair is "smart."
    • Pivoting Backrest
      The edge of the backrest flexes during recline to adjust to your position and the pressure you're putting on the top of your back. This also provides additional lumbar support.
    • Form-Sensing Mesh Back
      Three panels of non-stretch mesh are formed to body contours and automatically adjust to provide lumbar support. The mesh is low-abrasion so it won't wear out your clothing. It's modular, so it can be easily replaced if need be.
    • Contoured Seat Cushion
      Large contact area with sculpted shape reduces pressure points by matching the seated form. It's modular, so it can be easily replaced if necessary.



    Good Condition, Original Condition Unaltered, Some Imperfections

    Humanscale - Diffrient Smart Chair

    $1,149.00 Regular Price
    $525.00Sale Price
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